International Center for Collaborative Research on Disaster Risk Reduction

International Center for Collaborative Research on Disaster Risk Reduction


With the global climate change and continuous development of social economy, the situation of disaster prevention and reduction is becoming increasingly severe. In some developing countries or regions, which are weaker in natural eco-environment, social and economic development levels are relatively lagged behind. To promote south-south cooperation and to contribute to the achievement of the overall objectives of CBDM Asia II, ICCR-DRR conducts researches related to the following topics:


1. Community-based Disaster Risk Management

The research focuses on people-oriented bottom-up disaster management model and aims to control and reduce disaster risks to achieve maximum security protection at the lowest cost on the basis of natural disaster risk identification, analysis and evaluation, via encouraging people to participate in the whole process of disaster prevention and mitigation. At present, strengthening community-based disaster risk management is one of the leading research trends in global disaster risk reduction, which will make contributions to reducing disaster loss and improving community capacity in disaster risk management.


2. Integrated Disaster Risk Management

Focused on high risk areas and based on international collaboration, the research focuses on the theoretical and methodological research of natural disasters risk assessment, loss assessment and cost-benefit analysis of disaster prevention and mitigation measures, the application of advanced disaster risk reduction technologies, including early warning, disaster surveillance and post-disaster recovery technologies, as well as  effective and innovative engineering measures for reducing losses and damage caused by natural disasters. From different research perspectives, this research will promote the integrated disaster risk management and help establish integrated disaster risk governance paradigm.


3. Risk and Sustainable development

The research focuses on the new mode of integrating risk management with sustainable development. Sustainable development should address natural disaster threats and deal with the direct and indirect impacts caused by the damaged socio-ecological systems. Sustainable development should cope with the development risk due to different natural hazards, and explore new development models under the existing disaster risk reduction ability.