International Center for Collaborative Research on Disaster Risk Reduction

International Center for Collaborative Research on Disaster Risk Reduction


1. Asia Science Technology Status For Disaster Risk Reduction

2. Shaking Table Tests on Seismic Retrofitting of Rammed Earth Structures

3. Recovery of Infrastructure Networks After Localized Attacks

4. Progression of Natural Disaster Management Based on Social Capital

5. Modeling the Adverse Impact of Rainstorms on A Regional Transport Network

6. The analysis of car following behaviors under haze weather condition based on the high fidelity driving simulator

7. Effects of low visibility in haze weather conditions on longitudinal driving behavior of different car-following stages

8.The effects of Motion System of Driving Simulator on Stability of Car-following Behavior

9. Natural Hazards Preparedness in Taiwan A Comparison between Households with and without Disabled Members

10. Shaking table tests on seismic retrofitting of rammed-earth structures

11. In-plane cyclic tests of seismic retrofits of rubble-stone masonry walls

12. Warning systems as social processes for Bangladesh cyclones

13. Resilience to Flash Floods in Wetland Communities of NE Bangladesh

14. Livelihood impacts of flash floods in Cox’s Bazar District, Bangladesh

15. Research on storm surge risk assessment in Hebei Province

16. Research on occurrence frequency of storm surge disaster distribution in the coastal areas of China

17. Anti-seismic Ability Survey of the Important Public Building of Kunming, Yunnan

18. Linking livestock snow disaster mortality and environmental stressors in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau Quantification based on generalized additive models

19. Observed changes in hydrological extremes and flood

20. Designing index-based livestock insurance for managing snow disaster risk in central Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

21.  Systematization of Community-based DRR Services at Three Levels

22. Vulnerability and Disaster Response Capability of Women and Children at Community Level

23. Research on Storm Surge Disaster Emergency Evacuation Map Drafting-Case Study of Pingyang County, Zhejiang Province

24. Rapid Assessment of Flood Damage and Community-based Risk Mapping in Flood Diversion Area-Case Study in Wuhan, Hubei Province

25. Investigating The Effectiveness of Earthquake Risk Reduction Strategies for Textile Industry Workers in Chittagong, Bangladesh

26. Exploring Adaptive Risk Management in Food Security and Its Challenges towards Sustainable Development.

27. Earthquake Insurance of Rural Community in Yunnan Province Investigation on Willingness of Householders and Pilot Research on Insurance Rate

28. CROSSH-China Resilience of Schools to Seismic Hazard a case study in Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County, Sichuan

29. Building Resilient City through Integrated Community Based Disaster and Risk Management

30.  Weight-based Traffic Safety Risk Management On HazyFoggy Weather Conditions

31.Investigation and assessment on community disaster risk and mitigation capacity A case study of Chinese typical communities

32.Development, testing, demonstration and training of better-built procedures and retrofit techniques for non-engineered housing in urban and rural areas of the Himalayan belt

33.Response of Natural Disasters through Resilience: Addressing Extreme Climatic Disasters to Annihilate the Insecurity of Food, Nutrition and Livelihood – A Study on Disaster affected Countries of Asia

34.Integration of Science, Technology and Indigenous Knowledge into Community-based Disaster Risk Management in Bangladesh

35. Modeling sediment movement and channel response to rainfall earthquake

36. Shake table tests on the two-storey dry-joint stone masonry structures reinforced with timber laces and steel wires